2019 South West WA 

The Dunsborough Community Energy Project will launch in the calendar year of 2019. All interested homes and businesses, within the region, are invited to be part of the 2019 South West Project within this year. Our Equity partner SUSI can finance the purchase of as many systems as required for this 2019 period. We do not have a set financial cap from SUSI or a limit of how many people can participate in the Virtual Power Plant,  it can grow as large as it needs to. However we do have a set timeframe of which to do this in.

The reason behind this is that SUSI have a set 10 year time-frame for their involvement in the 2019 South West project. They will contribute funds in the year of 2019, but will need to exit the project in 2029 and leave the community the valuable VPP Energy Asset. The Community, with the help from Redback Energy, can then continue to seek benefits from the VPP for the following 10 years. We initially thought we could have staggered starts for participants, but unfortunately this will not work for this project.

Therefore in 2019 the team from the Dunsborough Community Energy Project will be coming to each town within the South West and holding community information events. We have already started this process in Dunsborough and Yallingup and also now in Busselton and Vasse. We will have a Calendar of Events listed soon, so that you will know when an event will be held in your town.

Homes and Businesses do not need to wait for us to come to their town. If you would like to sign on, please simply contact us through the website, tell us where you are from and your contact details and we will be in touch. You can join when you are ready. Once a town has 300+ systems in place they can become their own Not For Profit Association within this project. Until that time participants can sit under the Dunsborough / Yallingup association.